The Reason I Made This Blog

Also the reason I’ve become much more involved in human rights and freedom of expression: my “Communication and Participation of Civil Society in the Internet” class at the Universidad de Carlos III in Madrid.

The name of the course itself doesn’t do the class justice – the wide range of topics we discussed cover so much more than just the Internet. Although, I learned a lot about the Internet. So much, I should be scared of the Internet but instead, have learned to use it to my advantage. To promote justice, ideas and free expression.

The reason I say I should be scared of the Internet is because the course began with an assignment to watch the film “We Live in Public.” I highly recommend it. It was by far my favorite topic because it hit home. I was able to realize how much truth was portrayed in the film about society today, as an active user of the Internet. Josh Harris, the man with the idea behind the film, basically predicted apps like InstagramFacebook and Snapchat the way we use them today.

I don’t want to spoil the film – because you really should watch it – but Josh Harris decides to film a group of people living together, and later himself and his girlfriend, 24/7. Everything they do. Everything. Not a single detail of their private lives was censored, or hidden. How would you react to being filmed all day, in what used to be your most private of times? He captures a true human emotion and response to such a situation.

What you come to realize is that with the Internet’s growth, we now seek attention more than we seek privacy.

And this is a scary thought. 

Unknown       weliveinpublic_4671

You can watch the film by clicking here.


Use the Internet in the right way. It’s an extremely powerful tool that our society is lucky to have today. If used correctly, it can educate and save the world.

This is what freedom of expression and online communication is all about.

Free Expression is the power to educate and save the world through the spread of ideas, knowledge and self-autonomy. 


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